Peer Advisor of the Week: Evan Webb

“My number one favorite thing I did when I was abroad was explore the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. I did this on the very first day of my very first SMU in Italy program. I was awestruck by the history that surrounded me, and I remember feeling so excited that I had eight more weeks to learn all about Italian’s long, amazing history. From my other programs, I’ll never forget spending New Years’ Eve in Madrid or exploring Downtown Dublin along the River Liffey.”

-Evan, on his favorite memory

Evan is a junior majoring in finance with minors in sports management and law and legal reasoning.  Evan has studied abroad three times: twice in the summer through the SMU in Italy and SMU in Dublin Internship programs, and once during Jan Term with SMU in Madrid.  While he was abroad, he took classes in Italian Art and Architecture, Italian Language, Spanish Art and Architecture and Business Management.  Read ahead to find out more about Evan’s travels!

Image 2017-10-23_13-54-08-683

Some of my favorite things I did…

As far as food goes, some of the best memories/food from my summer in Italy happened in our small, “home base” town of Orvieto. My favorite pasta place there was named Antico Bucchero; the other students and I became regulars there throughout the summer.  Sant’Eustachio il Caffe in Rome is the best coffee that I’ve ever had and Giolitti’s gelateria, also in Rome, was my favorite place to get a scoop of gelato.

I’ve been very fortunate to visit many of the best European art museums and churches, but I think my favorite museum of all is the Louvre in Paris.  Also, Plitvice Lakes in Croatia is easily one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to; it’s a little bit difficult to get to, but the reward is well worth it.

Regarding sports, I am a huge soccer fan, and I was fortunate enough to make it to a few matches during my time in Europe; my favorite experience came last January, when I had 6th row seats to watch Real Madrid in the Bernabeu! Aside from Soccer, I have to stress how beautiful the golf courses are throughout Ireland; I highly recommend heading out for a round, if you’re ever on the Emerald Isle.

Image 2017-10-23_13-54-08-684

I traveled to…

While I was abroad, I traveled throughout Italy, Germany, Spain, Ireland, and Croatia.  I also traveled to France, Switzerland, and Belgium.

Image 2017-10-23_13-54-08-671

I recommend…

My biggest recommendation is to get out of your comfort zone. Coming into SMU, I never expected to study abroad or ever enjoy learning about art history; three abroad programs later, I’m happy I can look back and see just how wrong I was.


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